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Hey You, I'm Kendra

I went from Teacher to stay at home mom to Full Time Photography! 

I remember my last day of teaching, I said I’m going home to raise my family. 

I remember it like it was yesterday. I walked in on my first day of teaching, with a book cart, no classroom and a smile on my face. By the end of the week, I was in my bed tired by 6pm hoping I could make it by Monday. 

It cycled like that for years with some changes, students who were loving, a classroom, supportive staff but all was overshadowed by school administration and state demands. 

It was in my classroom that I made doctors appointments

It was in my classroom that I planned my wedding 

It was in my classroom that I felt like I had no control over my life. School became my life. 


While I love the joy of teaching, the song “Just the Two of Us” played in my head as I thought about raising my two littles, a boy and a girl and how I would be the ultimate mom raising them with my teaching background and loving them all the way through! 

In 6 years, I learned that being a stay at home mom was not for the weak, I learned so much about myself, my husband and our kids. I loved the flexibility and the tiniest moments that allowed me to see their growth.

There were times I was emotionally and physically taxed, every part of the day evolved around my children causing me to lose sight of my own care. 


I missed having goals...


I missed serving in a way that inspired me, I missed my girlfriends, I missed my own income, my self care, all the things that were empowering to me. I lost myself and I wanted her back. 

I know that being a mother is a job that never ends, I’ll never stop caring and providing for my family. 

Brand photography transitioned to women who loved their jobs, they loved their businesses. They wanted everyone to know how passionate they were to create positive and successful solutions for people. 

It was my spark. It was the beginning to a light that needed to be kindled. Photography became a lifeline to lead by example. The value of service, the value of work and contributing to your community, a way that I could still reach and grow my family. 


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I bet you didn't know...

I’m a Virgo married to a Virgo, I know know, it’s a very high expectation household! Our kids balance us out and gang up on us, Aries and Leo! 

I ran a 10K at the Cooper Bridge Run, and I used the motivation to get through the run as the mental picture when I gave birth. Giving birth is a marathon not a sprint! 


So in love with the quote by Miranda Priestly from the “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Truth is no one can do what I do” because it’s true!  

I was the resident historian of my sorority, capturing memories and creating scrapbooks to gift to new girls who joined. I now capture some of those same women today! 

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Milestones Along the Way


I began my teaching career. 






My husband and
I got married.


I stepped away from teaching to raise my family, my first child was born.

I launched Kendra 
Knight Photography.

I opened Kendra Knight Studios in downtown Greensboro, NC.

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