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The Knight Creative Mentoring Program 

Mentoring is a joy of teaching others as they journey through, it's creating new energy and excitement through shared experiences and expanding others' reach to help them get closer to their goals. 
This program allows the space for beginner photographers to access their needs, share opportunities for growth and expand their creativity and consistency with one - on - one experiences improving the quality and overall flow of business.   


I'm Kendra


For years I struggled with perfectionism. 

I knew going into photography that I desired to be the best. As a photographer, attention to detail is my super power. I can capture people in a way that makes you want to know more about them, I can tell their story, this helps their business and brand stand out. 

One day I received an inquiry from a client who worked with another photographer in the same niche as me and it became a goal of mine to outperform them 

I focused so much on transforming the shoot to tell MY story and prove that I was the better photographer that I forgot details the client needed, details that did not not make for a successful shoot. 


Striving for perfection caused me to feel like I wasn’t doing enough, that I was inadequate, that I needed constant praise, it was first class imposter syndrome.  

Working with other photographers helped me to get to the root of why I felt inadequate, why I felt I needed to compare, and why I didn’t feel enough.  

Overall, I’ve worked through understanding my “why” and focused on defining success in small areas of my business. 

There are so many of you who are just like me, as a beginner photographer I needed the benefits of mentoring to advance my business, valuable benefits that I want to share with you to advance yours:


  • Access to client work and resources related to your field of photography 

  • 1:1 training provided to refine and critically focus on areas of improvement 

  • A safe space to share your challenges and frustrations in an effort to receive constructive feedback 

  • Introduce and connect you to photographers and other industry partners within your scope of work

  • Highlighting areas of personal development to authentically grow and sustain in your business 

  • An accountability person to motivate and boost your confidence

You have questions and need guidance, I want to help you succeed in the areas that are stunting you, I want you to elevate to the next level of your goals.


If you could start over, what would you do differently?

What's important to you at this moment? Here's how you should consider your mentor: 

TRUST: You should be able to develop enough trust with a mentor to reveal areas in your life that are not just fixated on the success of earning more money or gaining fame and publicity. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Focus on technique and skill set, allowing valuable conversation for awareness, growth and vulnerability, asking for help is OKAY, learning from success is OKAY, learning from failure is OKAY. 

BUSINESS: Consider their paths of business and perspectives, how does your mentor train their mind to think about patterns, trends instead of just particular situations. Learn to think like your mentor instead of arriving at the solution. 


PERSONAL GROWTH: Discuss personal experiences to gain insight on their personal story, pull your own lessons from that story to focus more on the actions. 

Let's Play a Game

Never Have I Ever… The game where you recognize potential experiences you’ve never had and you set a reaction if you’ve done the experience 


Set healthy boundaries between personal and business life 

Communicated my value with ease 

Led clients through a supportive process that sets you apart 

Had an organized process that feels good for you and your clients 


Hired your first team member to support your goals and expanded the experiences you offer 

Became your clients top choice because of brand positioning 

Raised your rates and priced your services confidently 

Designed your days that put you first, caring for yourself and well-being while still maintaining passion for your business 

Did your reaction prompt you to think about your business experience?


Two Options both with amazing results!


Perfect for photographers considering short term goals, wanting to learn or refine a new technique, and strategize learning by doing. This is an in person experience where I shadow your photo session to provide feedback and questions related to your goals. 

4- 6 week of mentorship

2 Q&A Sessions 

Shadow you 


This is an in-person experience that allows you to get hands-on experience while receiving the answers to any questions you might have with 2 photographers.  A mock photoshoot of your choice will be put together where we will work alongside each other and unfold any areas you might want to improve.  Also, choose and join me on one of my photo sessions to learn how I work! This program gives you the opportunity to attend any session and learn techniques such as lighting, posing and editing. After each session, I want to go over any questions you may have and how to incorporate your experiences in your business. I am committed to your overall long term growth. 

3-6 months of mentorship

3 Q&A Sessions 

Shadow me or Shadow you 

Mock Photoshoot



Beginner photographers who may need to understand their own brand and growth strategy to develop consistency and pricing structure. 

Photographers with a desire to pivot and find support to leverage clients and feel motivated about their business.

Those looking for a mentor who relates to their mindset, work and the way they develop strategy. 

Those who want an intimate 1:1 teaching relationship designed to help grow their business in a way that feels like YOU! 


Her support is unreal!

Kendra is amazing, I started my photography business, she has an organized system and her support is unreal! She’s helped me to work smarter not harder, I’m just happier because I feel successful. 

The Investment

Confidence Connection

Capture to Committed

Your client experience matters. Your motivation matters. Your flow matters. Without encouragement, inspiration, you put your camera down and now you’re working a 9 - 5 because it's consistent but it's not your passion, it's something you used to do, instead of WHAT YOU DO! 

Now taking applications for 2022 mentoring opportunities!


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