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Expert Brand Photography

High impact brand photography for woman-owned businesses. I approach my work as a storyteller, crafting captivating imagery that helps your brand convert and create a strong community. 



I know what you really need...


Developing your own messaging along with your personable images allows you to control the narrative. It allows you to take back what trends could never do. You and only you have the power to make your audience feel secure about your products and services. 


I set the tone of the photo session to maximize the end goal. Through crafting imagery that incorporates your brand image elements, springboards into your storytelling skills and opens communication with your audience


Let's discuss and unpack this section a bit more to clear the audience more clarity here. Let's discuss and unpack this section a bit more to clear the audience more clarity here. Let's discuss and unpack this section a bit more to clear the audience more clarity here. 

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Transform Your Brand...

You have a unique vision that deserves a photographer who understands what your brand is about. Whether your goal is to capture stunning portraits for your next launch, or to create images that will help you gain more clients, let me help you create the "story" behind what makes your business a success.

Your brand isn’t unique and may look likes everyone else, it seems to get lost in the sea of competition. 

A deep understanding of your brand to create a story and capture your “why”, the heart, soul and work of what you do.

Your brand doesn’t represent or appeal to your current ideal audience.

Receive and leverage inquiries from the right people through clear messaging and high quality images.

You're lacking brand strategy, you don’t plan your photo sessions with a purpose.

A roadmap that connects your business to your people, to show them your consistency, solutions and value to create a strong brand.

You are highly qualified at what you do, but your images are poor quality and show a little investment in yourself. 

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You are able to shift the perception of your brand, prompting your audience to visualize interacting and buying from you. 

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"She is going to nail your vision". - Dr. Jac


The Kendra Knight Experience

Let's get into the process!






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Let's Get into the Details


This bi-annual session is to refresh the vision and clarity of your business, centering your why, helping your audience engage in exciting new offers, launches and programs. 


Providing a range of images 

Creative direction

Location scouting

Sourcing of furniture props

Customized sets coordinated with your brand

Take it to the next level with video!

Using a video with your brand allows you to couple your high quality photos with a well-rounded story of an aspect of your business or brand, this can include but not limited to a brand introduction video that relays your personal life and your business work, a seasonal product that will be introduced for part of the year, or a behind the scenes of how you work with showcasing the aspects that make you stand out from your competitors. 

The Magic Doesn't Stop There

Check out these other amazing offers...


monthly session 

A one hour experience perfect for the woman who chooses to convey herself as an authentic and responsible brand. Designed for new clients who would like to start consistently creating on-brand content for marketing and social media platforms. 


1 hour, 1 look

20 images

online gallery access for two weeks


quarterly session

The session is for the woman inspiring her audience and building consistency and connection, you’ll have the variety in your images to showcase your personality and experience while generating and converting more leads.  


2 hours, 2 looks

30 images

online gallery access for four weeks


20 min. session

Headshots are your digital first impression and great for creating consistency across all your professional platforms and networks. Headshots feature the frame of your head, head and shoulders, and quarter-length of the body. 


2 images

online gallery access for one week

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exude values and personalities throughout their business that deserve to be showcased. I like to call it their super powers, which power resonates with you…

The way you empower and encourage people to win in life + look within themselves is gift-worthy

You create a safe space, sometimes you are the space

The details of your work help to leverage your investments

You shift perspectives to have people look at problems in a new way 

You’re a lead magnet + where the money resides, you are the premier expert for those looking for mastery

I want to help you tell stories with powerful images, from my in-studio shoots to your desired location - stories that capture the experience and essence of who you are as a woman and a business owner. 

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A fabulous brand photographer!

“Kendra Knight Photographer is a fabulous brand photographer. Her editing and attention to detail is superb. She is invested in her craft and a pleasure to work with. Her gift is photography!” - Alyssa

What package are you interested in?

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  • Do I need an appointment to visit the studio before I book?
    Yes, the studio may be scheduled by resident photographers and maybe closed on major holidays.
  • What is included when I am renting the studio?
    The whole studio. You have use of the space, furniture setups and props. Please understand that some props may be unavailable as they are brought in by clients.
  • For photo sessions, do you rent equipment?
    We do rent photography equipment mostly lighting, the hope is to have cameras and lenses available to rent for photographers.
  • Where do I park?
    Street parking and the use of the parking deck is available! These areas are paid parking and are steps away from the studio located on Greene St. and Washington.
  • Is there a security deposit and what is it used for?
    Yes, there is a refundable security deposit that is owed prior to the booking date. It will be refunded 24 hours after check out, provided there are no damages to the space. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing. The security deposit is only to protect the space from smaller physical damages to the studio that wouldn’t apply to insurance. Ensuring the studio is maintained in the same condition for all clients. The expectation is to treat the studio as your own.
  • What are your requirements to reserve a date?
    Reserving a date means filling out an inquiry, a signed agreement, a refundable security deposit, paid full deposit amount are all required to reserve a date. How many guests can space hold? The space can accommodate 50 seated guests.
  • How do you load in? What is the address?
    The address is 301 S. Greene St, Greensboro, NC 27401


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